Last week we asked this question and here are responses from some of you, IE-scholars:

The spread of such disease in many countries makes it essential to share knowledge among researchers in a way that helps innovate by finding an effective medicine to this disease. In such a case, knowledge sharing can take different forms either intra- or inter-firms or intra- or inter-nations. 
Knowledge sharing is not limited to find the effective medicine, but also finding ways to overcome possible economic crisis faced by firms of all sizes and different sectors. 
Others posted interesting questions for discussion:
  • Will we see a decline in IE activity as everyone tries to stay within their country borders where they perceive they have more control? Or, will there be a surge in new IE activity as there are many new opportunities that will spring up, and we become more accustomed to working remotely?
  • Will IE become more sustainability (social/environmental/economic) oriented, as COVID-19 has had a real “humanizing” effect?
  • Will IE become more digital? Healthcare oriented?
  • Will we focus less on the organizational context (e.g., new ventures) and more on international opportunities that require entrepreneurial responses (and entrepreneurial opportunities that require international application)?
  • Will we have more virtual research conferences, both for health/safety and as a result of tighter financial situations at universities?


Send your ideas, reflections and observations to Martina Musteen ( who will compile and share them with the community.