Stephanie Fernhaber


Question: What are your key areas of research?

Stephanie Fernhaber: My main area of research expertise is international entrepreneurship,
and more specifically, looking at how, why, and with what implications new ventures
internationalize. A secondary area of research is anything pertaining to grand challenges or
impact. I think that this is a really important area for us all to consider integrating into our
research. Last year, Huan Zou and I published a review paper in the Journal of Business
Venturing examining grand challenges through an international entrepreneurial lens. The third area I research is entrepreneurship
education and cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset. We are all scholars and educators, and I
feel that we can shape both areas.

Question: What direction is your current research taking?

Stephanie Fernhaber: I find the role of religion to be interesting, and how it– both positively
and negatively – impacts entrepreneurship. In a current project, I am exploring how religious
diversity and the level of religiosity impact new venture internationalization. I am also curious
about the entrepreneurial activity of marginalized people groups, whether it be grassroots
entrepreneurs in India or individuals coming out of prison and have a few projects in this area.

Question: What are a few of your personal hobbies or interests?

Stephanie Fernhaber: I enjoy gardening, running, being in nature, and playing in a women’s
pick-up soccer league. In addition, my husband and I have three teenage daughters.

Question: What advice do you have for doctoral students/junior faculty interested in
international entrepreneurship?

Stephanie Fernhaber: My advice is to do research that is interesting and impactful. Also, be
intentional about finding colleagues to do research with – seek out diversity in terms of
geography (given that we are doing international entrepreneurship research), expertise
(international business and entrepreneurship disciplines, for example), skillset (writing,
methods, project management), etc. When you work with people of diverse backgrounds, you
will grow a lot and it is that much more enjoyable. Finally, I would recommend that you design
your own path in terms of your career. It doesn’t have to look or feel like everyone else.

Question: Where will we see you next?
Stephanie Fernhaber: I am heading to the Academy of International Business in Warsaw and
will also be at the Academy of Management in Boston.