Journal of International Entrepreneurship,

Special Issue on Aspects of Innovation and International Entrepreneurship, June 2014, Volume 12, Issue 2

Editors: Birget Hagen, Stefano Denicolai and Antonella Zucchella

And no birds sing – reviving the romance with international entrepreneurship

Brendan Gray and Andrea Farminer


What happens to international new ventures beyond start-up: An exploratory study

Romeo V. Turcan and Anita Juho


Internationalization through business model innovation: In search of relevant design dimensions and elements

Morten Rask

International network management for the purpose of host market expansion: The mediating effect of co-innovation in the networks of SMEs

Angelika Löfgren


Chinese immigrant entrepreneurs’ involvement in internationalization and innovation: Three Canadian cases

Tiia Vissak and Xiaotian Zhang