Niina Nummela

University of Turku

What are your key areas of research?

I graduated in the 1990s with a MSc degree in International Marketing, and went to
work in the export department of a medium-sized industrial company. I soon
understood that many things I had learned in the business school were not applicable
in the everyday international operations of SMEs.  When I returned to the university
as a doctoral student, it was very clear to me that the focus of my research would be
in SME internationalization. I have continued on that path since, although my
research interests have naturally included many things over the years. Besides
research on International Entrepreneurship, I have also conducted research on
internationalization process of the firm, cross-border mergers and acquisitions
(particularly related to the integration process after the deal) and the use of mixed-
method research strategy in International Business.

What are you currently working on?

I usually work with multiple themes at the same time, so it is the case also at the
moment. To start with, our research team got funding for a four-year research project
on global mobility and cosmopolitan individuals (for details,
see and that project started in
autumn 2022. Besides that, I working on research related to the internationalization of
grassroots entrepreneurs, dynamics of export performance and scaling in
entrepreneurial internationalization, for example.

What are a few of your personal hobbies?

I have been a member of the Finnish Scouts and Guides since I was 7 years old.
Although I am no longer actively involved in the weekly activities, this hobby has
given me unforgettable memories, world-wide network of friends and very valuable
experience of leadership from young age on. Me and my family like to spend time
outdoors in the nature, go hiking and we also ski in the winter. I love to read all kinds
of literature and the COVID pandemic brought me back to my old hobby – knitting.

Where will we see you next?

Besides attending the AIB Annual Meeting in Warsaw in July, I am most likely to also
attend the EIBA Conference in Lisbon in December. I have missed my international
friends during the pandemic and it will be lovely to meet everybody again face-to-
face. Hope to see you soon!