Journal of Business Venturing—Volume 37(Issue 6), DOI:

Momentum for entrepreneurial internationalization: Friction at the interface between international and domestic institutions

Wei Hua, Ronald K. Mitchell, Benjamin T. Mitchell, J. Robert Mitchell, Trevor L. Israelsen

In response to profound and emerging challenges arising from changes in the international order that affect international entrepreneurship, we address a gap in explanations for how the system for international relations shapes entrepreneurial internationalization. To do so, we develop a model that further explains the role of institutions in supporting international new ventures. We focus on how frictions in the interface between international and domestic institutions can influence momentum for entrepreneurial internationalization. We theorize how institutional work on the international-domestic interface can facilitate entrepreneurial internationalization that occurs in that interface. As such we provide additional understanding regarding factors that influence entrepreneurial internationalization.

Journal of Business Venturing—Volume 37(Issue 5), DOI:

Advancing societal grand challenge research at the interface of entrepreneurship and international business: A review and research agenda

Stephanie A. Fernhaber, Huan Zou

Societal grand challenges are increasingly attracting the attention of both entrepreneurship and international business scholars. While entrepreneurship focuses on the opportunities that emerge and need for bold and innovative solutions, international business research emphasizes the global reach of the challenges and role of multinational enterprises. Although both conversations are insightful, we argue that examining one without the other gives an incomplete picture on how to address grand challenges. In this paper, we conduct a systematic review of the conversation on grand challenges in the international business and entrepreneurship literature. Upon synthesizing the results, we create an integrated framework and research agenda for viewing grand challenges through an international entrepreneurial lens.

International Business Review – Volume 31 (Issue 5), DOI:

International entrepreneurial SMEs in the muslim world: The role of religion in the GCC countries

Heba Younis, Pavlos Dimitratos, Said Elbanna,

Recent studies examining the internationalisation of SMEs in emerging economies have observed that religion affects international market entry, which suggests that specific cultural aspects, such as religion, have not hitherto received enough attention. Hence, this study examines a theme that has seemingly escaped the research agenda: how does religion affect SMEs’ internationalisation? The study draws empirical evidence from 10 manufacturing SMEs located in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Through an embedded approach to case study research, the study queries the role of religion in the development of intra-Muslim internationalisation and contributes to the scant literature that examines the impact of Islamic values on international business activities. The findings show three dimensions of Islamic entrepreneurship, viz. regional rather than international networking orientation, risk aversion and proactiveness.