Books Related to IE from World Scientific

Two new titles from World Scientific that may be of particular interest to those studying or teaching comparative entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship in Western Europe: A Contextual Perspective (by Léo-Paul Dana) looks to explain how different local contexts can yield radically different entrepreneurial scenarios across Europe. Over 20 countries are examined in detail, with a comprehensive history of the evolution of entrepreneurship in these countries and across Europe. The book concludes with a look at the future implications of current policy on entrepreneurship. Richly illustrated, this book is perfect for undergraduate students or anyone with an interest in the business practices, economics or public policy of Europe. ISBN: 978-1-78326-793-4 (hardcover)

Angels Without Borders: Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investment Worldwide, (edited by John May and  Manhong Mannie Liu) draws on chapter contributors from more than two dozen nations and is the only book on the market to examine angel investment from a global perspective. It is a very useful reference for anyone who is interested in learning about the angel investment movement. ISBN: 978-981-4733-05-2 (hardcover)