New Book

A new book by one of well-known IE-scholars, Leo-Paul Dana, and his colleague Edward Groenland may be of interest to IE-scholars. Published by World Scientific “Qualitative Methodologies & Data Collection Methods: Toward Increased Rigour in Management Research” is aimed at primarily at graduate students

Short Description
Globalisation opens new frontiers of research that require advanced research methods. While quantitative methods are ideal in some situations, qualitative methods are more appropriate for responding to “how” questions in new contexts. They aim to understand and provide a holistic picture via interaction — a unique advantage over quantitative methods. This textbook for graduate students introduces qualitative research and covers major qualitative methodologies and data collection methods. The choice of methodologies in this book is based on their actual applicability in management research.
This approach provides a hands-on emphasis while maintaining both scientific rigor and rooting, and a high practicality level with respect to problem analysis, the collection of data, and the way this data should be analysed. Students and researchers will benefit from features including explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of methodological choices, elaborated examples of good articles, and exercises provided to facilitate research skills. The reader will acquire an overview of current methodologies, which will facilitate the choice process with respect to research approaches, and is also encouraged to bring personal research skills to a higher level.