“Technology Entrepreneurship – Bringing Innovation to the Marketplace’

(forthcoming in January 2014 from Palgrave-Macmillan)


Overview of Book

Technology Entrepreneurship – Bringing Innovation to the Marketplace provides students from engineering, technology and science based backgrounds with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to transform innovative ideas into commercially viable businesses for profit and/or social ends.

Blending together theory, policy and practice in a manner that is accessible to readers with little knowledge of business commercialization, it offers a framework for understanding the entrepreneurial process for technological ideas.  The book gives students a comprehensive insight and guidance into the specialized field of ‘technopreneurship’.  It provides the tools and frameworks required for managing, commercializing and marketing technological innovation.

With real life examples and case studies from a range of countries and industries, it will equip students with the understanding required to successfully launch their product. A variety of case studies are included from North America, Europe, Scandinavia and Asia in technology related sectors such as web based technologies, green technologies, nano and biotechnology, material science, marine food processing, instrumentation and electronics, and information technology.