New Book: Global Entrepreneurship: Environment and Strategy

Author: Nir Kshetri, University of North-Carolina, Greenboro

Publisher: Routledge


Chapters include:

  • Chapter 1: Global Entrepreneurship: The Current Status, Definitions, Types and Measures

  • Chapter 2: The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Its Components

  • Chapter 3: Sources of Entrepreneurial Finances and Their Variation across the World

  • Chapter 4: Entrepreneurship in OECD Economies

  • Chapter 5: Entrepreneurship in Post-Socialist Economies in Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

  • Chapter 6: Entrepreneurship in the Gulf Cooperation Council Economies

  • Chapter 7: Entrepreneurship in Africa

  • Chapter 8: Entrepreneurship in China

  • Chapter 9: Entrepreneurship in India