Meet the IE-Scholar: Sascha Furst

EGADE Business School, México


What are your key areas of research?

My research evolves around the topic of entrepreneurial internationalization. I am particularly interested in understanding this phenomenon from different angles such as learning, networking, effectuation, co-creation, and the business model perspective. Empirically, I am exploring this topic in the context of Latin American international new ventures. I recently co-edited a book that outlines a research agenda for international entrepreneurship published as part of Elgar Research Agendas.

 What direction is your current research taking?

Currently, I am working on different papers, and I am also exploring a new area of research for me. I am trying to understand how processes of co-creation occur in the context of family entrepreneurship, that is, how entrepreneurs create value in sustainability-related ventures both through interaction with family members and stakeholders. In another paper, we are exploring co-creation from an effectuation lens and how it effects entrepreneurial internationalization. Besides, I am also working on a paper that uses a practice perspective for understanding networking capability development in international new ventures. Right now, I am just starting a new project on international migrant entrepreneurship where we are exploring how foreigners engage in sustainability entrepreneurship in Mexico.

What are a few of your personal hobbies or interests?

I love running in the early morning hours, occasional mountain biking with the family on the weekends, and I just started to learn how to ride the waves (surfing) on the nearby beaches here at the Pacific Coast in Mexico.

What is advice would you give to a someone new to IE research?

My suggestion would be to start reading the literature reviews on IE. It is important to focus not only on the latest research but to keep in mind the historic development of the field, particularly back to the 1990s and get familiar with the writings of McDougall, Oviatt, Cavusgil, Knight, Bell, and Coviello. And of course, you might want to have a look at the book we recently published which summarizes and outlines the emerging topics. There are still many important aspects to explore in IE such as post-entry processes, contextual influences, digitalization, and comparative studies.

Where will we see you next?

Usually, I attend the EIBA annual meeting and some more regional conferences in Latin America such as BALAS (Business Association of Latin American Studies) and SMLA (Strategic Management in Latin America). SMLA will be hosted at our Guadalajara campus from Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico in December this year. If you are doing IE research in the context of Latin America, I invite you to submit your paper until the 16th of August.