There was a strong ie-Scholars presence at the recent UKI  (UK & Ireland) AIB Conference. The 48th Conference organized jointly with 8th Reading IB Conference took place on April 8-9 in Reading, UK, with almost 200 participants. The theme for the conference was Contemporary Issues in International Business: Inequality, Geography and GVCs. Per Servais (pictured below) chaired the session ‘Entrepreneurs, networks, and international growth” which contained papers such as:

International New Ventures in the wake of global factories – a network approach to opportunity exploration and exploitation’ (authors Servais & Zucchella),

Managers and digital transformation in small internationalisers’ (Jafari-Sadeghi & Mahdiraji),

Towards a scaling ecosystem: a holistic approach’ (Bretas, Levie & Tippmann), and

How actors at different levels manage the transforming international business arena? SMEs as agents in institutional change’ (Karhu & Haaja).

In addition there were many other IE papers in other sessions.