ie-Scholars at the 2023 AIB in Warsaw

ie-Scholars community was actively engaged at this year’s AIB (Academy of International Business) conference taking place last week in Warsaw, Poland. Besides the fact that the “International Process and International Entrepreneurship Track” (co-chaired by ie-Scholars members, Drs. Martina Musteen and Krzysztof Wach) was the largest in the conference, our community had a great showing at the ie-Scholars/CUIBE reception.

Photos capturing some of the memorable moments are below.

Prof. Shaker Zahra at the Special Session on the Hidden Heterogeneity of INVs.
Martina Musteen, Niina Nummela and Stephanie Fernhaber at the ie-Scholars reception.
Olga Petricevic, Guiseppe Criaco and Shaker Zahra
Rebecca Reuber, Nicole Coviello and Ute Stephan at the ie-Scholars reception.
Gary Knight at the Session on Methodology in IE
Witold Nowinski and Krzysztof Wach at the ie-Scholars reception.
Johannes Kleinhempel and Ute Stephan at the ie-Scholars reception.
Samppa Kamara and Martina Musteen at the ie-Scholars reception.
Warsaw Palace of Science and Culture, the AIB Gala event venue