IE Book

A Research Agenda for International Entrepreneurship

Edited by Christian Felzensztein, Clarkson University, US and Sascha Fuerst, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico


Sunday A. Adebisi, Rosario Andreu, Eyal Benjamin, David Crick, James M. Crick, Christian Felzensztein, Massimo Ferdinandi, Sascha Fuerst, Olusoji J. George, Eli Gimmon, Lizbeth A. Gonzalez-Tamayo, Eini Haaja, Anna Karhu, Jani Mäkelä, Rod B. McNaughton, Jonathan Van Mumford, Peter John Mumford, Niina Nummela, Adeniyi D. Olarewaju, Stine Øyna, Eriikka Paavilainen-Mäntymäki, Juan M. Pellegrino, Manuela Presutti, Laura Rienda, Lasse Torkkeli, Man Yang, Yang Yang

Addressing the intersection between the fields of international business and entrepreneurship, this topical Research Agenda wholly encapsulates the multi-dimensional nature of international entrepreneurship. It provides essential insight into themes for future research alongside their practical implications.

This crucial Research Agenda proposes a fully up-to-date definition for international entrepreneurship, discussing how particular new ventures may be effective in assessing factors such as the abilities of firms to collaborate and solve problems. Authors offer significant insight into contemporary topics within the study of international entrepreneurship, including the effects of digital technology on market strategy and post-pandemic entrepreneurial undertakings.

Those studying international business, marketing and entrepreneurship will find this Research Agenda to be hugely beneficial. Due to its use of exemplar cases, entrepreneurs of new business ventures will benefit from its practical applicability.

More info about the book including a way to purchase it can be found here.  The text is also available as a lower-priced eBook through aggregators including Google Play

Photo to the left from the book launch at the 49th Conference of the European International Business Academy at ISEG – University of Lisbon, Portugal.

(From left to right:  Jonathan Van Mumford (Turku School of Economics), Niina Nummela (Turku School of Economics), Sascha Fuerst (EGADE Business School), Lasse Torkkeli (LAB UAS, Finland), Eriikka Paavilainen-Mäntymäki (Turku School of Economics), Anna Karhu (Turku School of Economics).