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How to Get Published in the Best Entrepreneurship Journals: A Guide to Steer Your Academic Career

Editors: Alain Fayolle and Mike Wright

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As summarized in the marketing blurb:

“This essential guide to publishing in entrepreneurship brings together a wealth of contributors, all of whom have published in the leading entrepreneurship journals. Based on their experiences as researchers and editors, they bring useful hands-on advice and insight into the research publication process. Both fledgling and experienced entrepreneurship faculty members will find this an essential resource as they strive towards publication in A-ranked entrepreneurship or management journals.”


  1. Thinking and Writing for Scholarly Publication in Entrepreneurship (Alain Fayolle)
  2. Getting Published in Entrepreneurship Journals (Mike Wright)
  3. The Review Process (Mike Wright)
  4. Getting Published – and Cited in Entrepreneurship: Reflections on Ten Papers (Per Davidsson)
  5. From Idea to Publication: Managing the Research Process (Robert Blackburn and Friederike Welter)
  6. Doing a Research Literature Review (Hermann Frank and Isabella Hatak)
  7. Ethics and Publishing in Entrepreneurship Research (Benson Honig)
  8. Moving from the Periphery to the Inner Circle: Getting Published from your Thesis (Sally Jones and Helle Neergaard)
  9. Do European Scholars have Specific Problems to get Published in Anglo-Saxon Journals? (Dimo Dimov)
  10. How to Publish Qualitative Entrepreneurship Research in Top Journals (Nicole Coviello)
  11. Laying the Foundations for Asia Focused Research Through Qualitative Research (David Ahlstrom and Garry Bruton)
  12. Publishing Cases in Entrepreneurship Journals (Franz Lohrke, Melissa Baucus and Charles Carson)
  13. Getting Published in Entrepreneurship Policy (David Audretsch)
  14. Positioning Entrepreneurship Research for General Management Journals (Andrew Corbett)

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