Anisur R. Faroque

University of Vaasa

Question: What are your key areas of research?

Anisure Faroque: In broader terms, my research primarily focuses on the internationalization of firms. It commenced with an emphasis on early internationalization from the perspective of network capability and opportunity recognition. This was the central theme of my first PhD, undertaken at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Subsequently, I shifted my focus to the cognitive decision-making aspect of internationalization, particularly the influence of cognitive heuristics and biases. I explored this during my second PhD at LUT University in Finland and it continues to capture my interest, driving my current research activities. Furthermore, I am piqued by studies on entrepreneurial failure and recovery. Such focus is driven by its tangible applications, specifically the capacity to facilitate entrepreneurs’ recovery and guide them towards business re-entry or initiation of new ventures.


Question: What direction is your current research taking?

Anisure Faroque: Consequently, my research will continue to evolve around the cognitive aspects of decision-making in internationalization, encompassing topics related to failure, exit, and re-entry. 


Question: What are a few of your personal hobbies or interests?

Anisure Faroque: In my leisure time, I engage in physical activities such as running and light gym workouts. Being an academic, I harbor a deep passion for reading. I spend my spare time engrossed in high-quality books on diverse topics including self-motivation, self-development, and religion. Outside of my academic research in international business and entrepreneurship, I have recently developed an interest in comparative religion. I have authored several manuscripts examining the distortion of religious texts by exegetes and their influential role in perpetuating patriarchy and diminishing women’s societal roles. These books are currently in the publication process. 


Question: Where will we see you next?

Anisure Faroque: Hopefully in the EIBA conference 2023 in Lisbon.