The 2021 bibliography of IE articles includes papers found in:

Editorials/introductions to special issues were excluded and core exclusion criteria were as follows:

  1. Studies focused on SME internationalization rather than IE per se, i.e. where entrepreneurship issues and theories are not integrated or addressed in the study;
  2. Studies in which the primary focus is not international entrepreneurship. E.g. studies of biotech firms in global industries or in which the focus is on technological innovation rather than business or entrepreneurial processes;
  3. Studies focused on domestic entrepreneurship in one country;
  4. Cross-cultural assessments of (e.g.) EO measures that focus on scale and measure development or validation;
  5. Studies on transnational and/or immigrant entrepreneurship.

The list is in Excel format, allowing you to search by keyword, date, author or journal. The article titles contain a hyperlink leading to the article abstract.

IE Articles 2021


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Many thanks to the Center for Advancing Global Business at San Diego State University for assistance in compiling this list.