A recent joint PhD workshop organized by the Shanghai University (SHU) and University of Southern Denmark (SDU) took place in Shanghai. The theme of the workshop was “Contemporary issues in international entrepreneurship research”. Here are a few highlights and photos:

Professors Maria Elo and Anthony Ho in collaboration with the Belt and Road Institute of International Business (BRIIB) at Shanghai University asked the participants of the workshop about their plans and views to advance further their development paths and collaboration with international research institutions. Interestingly, next to academic career interests, 25% of the participants responded to the question why they are interested in PhD studies that “I can start an entrepreneurial career based on the knowledge and competences I gain through my PhD”. The great majority of the participants was also interested in international PhD mobility and exchange programs.


Photo 1:  Left starting from the front Prof. Anthony Ho, Prof. Xiaotian Zhang (Director of SHU Global and Host), Faith Suanders (All SHU). Right starting from the front: Prof. Maria Elo (Chair), Prof Martin Hannibal (Chair), Ulrik B. Nielsen doctoral student (All SDU)










Photo 2: A crowd attending the full-day PhD workshop held in collaboration between SHU and SDU, at SHU.

Contribution and photos a courtesy of IE Ambassador for Denmark, Martin Hannibal, and IE Ambassador for China, Maria Elo.