Connect-123 is excited to announce dates for this summer’s Cape Town Innovation Experienceship, a 4-week intensive international entrepreneurship education program that provides students with the knowledge, clarity, and confidence to tackle the future, either as an entrepreneur or as an employee in the job market of tomorrow.

Combining the best of real-world work experience and the guided learning offered by professional educators, this program is filled with innovative, interactive projects designed to help students approach problems from a fresh angle, combine ideas in a new way, and identify and capitalize on unexpected developments. The program uses workshop-based learning and real-life work with local entrepreneurs to reframe the way students think about ideas and their career–no matter which field they choose.

What: The Cape Town Innovation Experienceship
Length: 4 weeks
Next Program: June 2-30, 2018 (July start date also available)
Program Fee: $3,000

More information can be found here:

Any member of can reach out directly to Otto Pohl at with more questions.

About the organizers: Connect-123, a leading provider of international experiential education, is partnered with Corkscrew Startup School, a pioneering learning education company, to create the Cape Town Experienceship. Connect-123 has provided thousands of students amazing international experiences since 2006. Corkscrew Startup School has developed and runs immersive educational experiences all over the world for over five years.