Journal of International Business Studies – Volume 49, Issue 4

The long awaited Special Issue on “The Creation and Capture of Entrepreneurial Opportunities Across National Borders.” In addition to two Editorials (International entrepreneurship research versus international business research: A false dichotomy? By Alan Verbeke and Luciano Ciravegna and International entrepreneurship: The pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities across national borders by Rebecca Reuber,  Gary Knight,  Peter Liesch, and Lianxi Zhou), the issue includes four interesting articles listed here.


Journal of World Business

Extending the international new venture phenomenon to digital platform providers: A longitudinal case study

Ojala, A., Evers, N. and A. Rialp

People increasingly interact with services enabled by digital platforms. This has been a consequence of the digitalization of artifacts, which has transmuted traditional businesses into digital forms. With the increasing digitalization and modularization of services, digital platforms have given many digital service providers possibilities to scale globally, and to rapidly transcend national borders by serving multi-sided markets. However, we still know very little about how digital platform providers actually internationalize their services, or how they make their platforms available for global markets. In this paper, we contribute to the increasing literature on digital-based INVs, examining how firms of this type internationalize their services, and more specifically, how recent technological developments have shaped the firms’ internationalization processes. Drawing on concepts from the network approach to internationalization, resource dependency theory, and INV theory, we extend the scope of INV theory via a model that encompasses the internationalization process of digital platform providers. We report on a longitudinal case study of a digital platform provider (covering the period 2000–2017), which allowed us to gain in-depth insight into the INV phenomenon.


Journal of Business Research  – Volume 85, pg 281-294

A bibliometric analysis of born global firms

Piotr Dzikowski

This study aims to review the scientific research on born global firms’ phenomena to date. Based on a bibliometric analysis of 453 scientific papers on born global firms from the Thompson Reuters’s Web of Science™ Core Collection database for the period 1994–2016, the authors discuss the results from the following perspectives: general results, number of publications per year, the articles that other authors cite most, most eminent authors, journals with the highest citation per article, institutions with the highest citation per document, and countries with the highest productivity. This analysis provides networks of co-cited references, journals, and first authors, and their respective clusters, revealing their rankings in terms of contributions to the born global firms’ literature. The results of the analysis can be used to enhance our understanding of born global firms’ research and support further research in this area.