Journal of World Business –Volume 53, Issue 2, pg 222-236

Expatriates’ international opportunity recognition and innovativeness: The role of metacognitive and cognitive cultural intelligence

Melanie P. Lorenz, Jase R. Ramsey, Robert Glenn Richey Jr

International opportunity recognition has become increasingly important in both the international business and international entrepreneurship fields. While previous international entrepreneurship research has suggested a wide variety of innovation-inducing factors, it has neglected the role of cross-cultural competences and the expatriate as a potential actor. Building on the experiential learning theory and a model of opportunity recognition, we argue how and why metacognitive and cognitive cultural intelligence are important cross-cultural competences that stimulate and enable expatriates to discover international opportunities and be innovative. We use a mixed method approach to analyze differences in the innovativeness of expatriates.

International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal – Volume 14, Issue 1, 105–127

Efficient entrepreneurial culture: a cross-country analysis of developed countries

José Fernández-Serrano, Vanessa Berbegal, Francisco Velasco, Alfonso Expósito

Entrepreneurship, together with national cultural values, may improve a country’s GDP levels. Under this hypothesis, the aim of this paper is to analyse the relationships between the levels of entrepreneurship, cultural values, and of GDP per capita in a sample of 27 developed countries, by identifying an efficient combination of culture and entrepreneurship variables, under the concept of efficient entrepreneurial culture, that maximises GDP per capita. Through the application of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) methodology, nine countries have been identified as having an efficient entrepreneurial culture. The implications derived for policy-makers are substantial, since a better understanding of cultural effects on entrepreneurship can lead to improvements in the design of governmental programmes that foster cultural values related to high-quality entrepreneurship.