The 23rd McGill International Entrepreneurship conference took place in last week at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. With the theme Fourth Industrial Revolution, the conference attracted a number of prominent IE scholars. It had a special session dedicated to Africa, China and the Asian International Entrepreneurship. Two special sessions were co-created with Dr. Philippe Rudaz from UNCTAD focusing on emerging and developing countries as the context of entrepreneurship. Chaired by IE-scholar, Dr. Martin Hannibal, the conference also hosted a Doctoral Colloquium focused on IE.

We thank for the contribution above and photos bellow to IE Ambassadors, Drs. Martin Hannibal, Maria Elo and Leo Paul-Dana. The photos feature the Doctoral Colloquium participants, the keynote speakers Drs. Hamid Etemad (the conference founder) and Tamer Cavusgil, the first prize Doctoral Colloquium winner Annaële Hervé. Snapshots from various other conference events are also included.