Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice — Volume 41, 677–707

Venture Capitalists’ Experience and Foreign IPOs: Evidence from China

Jing Zhang, Huizhi Yu

  • Integrating signaling theory with social network theory, we investigate the influence of venture capitalists’ (VCs’) IPO experience on the likelihood of foreign IPO successes. Using data from VC-backed Chinese companies listed on the U.S. or Chinese stock markets from 2002 to 2012, we find that U.S. VCs’ experience in either market increases the chance of listing in the United States. However, Chinese VCs’ experience in the United States plays the same role, but not in China. For entrepreneurs who desire to pursue opportunities in international capital markets, the novel findings offer important implications in their VC selection decisions.


Journal of International Entrepreneurship – Volume 15 (3), 324–351

Entrepreneurial intentions—theory and evidence from Asia, America, and Europe

Justin Paul,  Philippe Hermel,  Archana Srivatava

  • This paper examines the antecedents of entrepreneurial intentions and its strategic drivers with reference to country culture and proactive personality in a cross-country context. Our research is based on primary data from four distinct and strategically important countries: India, Japan, the USA, and France. We examine and compare entrepreneurial intentions of young managers within the context of the theory of planned behavior. We then postulate a theoretical framework to link entrepreneurial intention, and its drivers, to motivate further research in this area. The findings of the study indicate that a country’s culture and an individual’s proactive personality directly determine the degree of entrepreneurial intention and therefore contribute to competitiveness.