The Internationalization of African Firms: Nature, Drivers, Outcomes and Boundary Conditions

The special issue welcomes studies that examine international business activities of African firms of all sizes (including micro, small and large multinational enterprises) and ownership forms (e.g., state-owned, privately-owned, private-public partnership enterprises). Thus, could be relevant to IE scholars.

Submission Deadline: December 30, 2016

Both conceptual and empirical (quantitative, qualitative or mixed method) papers that address the following research questions or topics will be considered:

  1. Do African firms exhibit unique internationalization behaviors that can help extend extant IB theory?
  2. What are the motivations for, and outcomes of, Africa-to-Africa internationalization strategy?
  3. Do similar-aged African multinationals internationalize in the same manner as other emerging market or developed economy multinationals?
  4. Do African foreign direct investors emphasize different factors than non-African investors in deciding if and how to invest in Africa?
  5. Do African multi-continental and global players emphasize different factors when investing in Africa than non-African countries?
  6. What are ownership advantages in the context of intra-African Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)? How can internationalizing African firms help broaden the concept of ownership advantages?
  7. How do the springboard and linkage-leverage-learning perspectives apply to internationalizing African firms?
  8. To what extent do colonial heritage influence location decisions of internationalizing African firms? Do regional economic blocs (e.g. Economic Community of West African States) and trade agreements play a role in the international location decisions of internationalizing African firms?
  9. What kinds of resources and capabilities do African firms need to internationalize rapidly?
  10. To what extent can managerial network ties help or hurt internationalization of African firms?
  11. Do rapidly internationalizing African firms perform better than their counterparts that follow a more gradual process of internationalization?
  12. How do institutional conditions in African markets help African firms penetrate and grow in foreign markets with similar conditions?
  13. How do industry-, country-, sub-regional-, regional-specific or firm-specific factors condition the international performance effects of international strategies of African firms?
  14. What role does stakeholder engagement play in the internationalization of African firms?
  15. Can international companies operating in African markets enhance their performance by being good corporate citizens? Does commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability initiatives translate into positive financial results in Africa? What factors moderate the impact of CSR and sustainability strategies on performance for internationalizing African firms?

Guest Co-Editors:

Dr. Nathaniel Boso, University of Leeds,

UK Prof. Kevin Ibeh, Birkbeck University of London,

UK Prof. Amon Chizema, University of Birmingham, UK

Dr. Ifedapo Adeleye, Lagos Business School, Nigeria