Journal of International Business Studies is seeking submissions for Special Issue on Studying Intellectual Property Rights in International Business through Multiple Levels of Analysis

Deadline for submission: December 23, 2019

The issue will focus on research that examines the joint impact of macro IPR protection regimes and MNEs’ knowledge acquisition and protection approaches on key international business decisions and outcomes of MNEs. Multidisciplinary research that expands current themes by incorporating insights from a broader range of disciplines, e.g., political science, sociology, economics, innovation, HRM, and business strategy is particularly welcome . Possible topics

  • Location choices in international expansion for knowledge exploiting and knowledge augmenting FDI.
  • Entry mode choices of large MNEs and international new ventures (INVs).
  • Non-market strategies in home and host environments.
  • Strategy adaptation to low IPR protection environments.
  • Autonomy, roles and corporate governance of MNE subunits.
  • Alliances, M&A and external network management.
  • Participation in clusters.
  • Organization of the R&D function.

 Special Issue Editors:

  • Victor Cui,  University of Manitoba, Canada
  • Dana Minbaeva, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • Rajneesh Narula, University of Reading, UK
  • Ilan Vertinsky, University of British Columbia, Canada

The full Call for Papers can be found here: JIBS call for papers IPR