European Business Review (EBR) invites submissions for Special Issue on

International firms’ strategic orientation in foreign markets

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2018

Following the seminal works of, for example, Kohli and Jaworski (1990), Narver and Slater (1990), and Miller (1983) an extensive body of knowledge has been built regarding direct relationships between the strategic orientations of entrepreneurial orientation/market orientation (EO/MO) and firm performance. However, there is still a need for knowledge on the importance of international firms’ EO and MO in foreign markets. For example, the literature review presented by Pehrsson (2016) shows that just a few studies capture direct relationships and moderations regarding foreign units. Extended knowledge is crucial as EO represents a way to achieve high performance by driving and building a foreign market, while MO manifests adaptation and a market-driven behavior. Thus, EO and MO are complementary strategic orientations. These are examples of questions that need answers:

  • Are existing components of EO and MO really relevant in trying to explain performance on the foreign unit level?
  • How do general environmental dynamics impact relationships between MO and performance of foreign units?
  • How do competitive dynamics impact relationships between EO/MO and performance of foreign units?
  • When is a combination of EO and MO appropriate for a foreign unit and how should it be carried out?

Guest Editors:

Anders Pehrsson and Rosalina Torres, Linnaeus University, Sweden.

The full Call for Papers can be found here.