Organized by the University of Greenwich, the 48th Academy of International Business UK & Ireland (AIB – UKI) Chapter Conference will take place April 14-6, 2021,  in an online modality.  With several tracks of interest to ie-Scholars, including SME Internationalisation and International Entrepreneurship, the conference theme is International Business: Mega Trends and the need of rethinking current terminologies

International Business is challenged by some states where globalisation is not seen as a necessary vehicle for prosperity and economic growth. Businesses face obstacles to internationalise their operations in markets when higher tariffs are imposed. A big question emerges: Will economies focus more on their domestic markets rather than opening them to FDI and international trade? The AIB-UKI conference in Greenwich will examine those challenges by stimulating interesting discussions. The Mega Trends in International Business offer an interesting angle on those topics and their implication for research. Moreover, for many years the International Business research community has been referring to emerging markets, those terminologies can be challenged by asking the right questions in the right setting. International Entrepreneurship offers interesting angles to analyse the challenges entrepreneurs face in the international arena. Social capital and effectuation are becoming essential during these challenging times.

Keynote Speakers: Garry Bruton, Tamer Cavusgil, Sylvie Chetty and Nicole Coviello

Conference Chair: Spiros Batas

Important Dates: 

Paper submission opens: 24 December 2020
Submission deadline main conference: 1 February 2021
Submission deadline doctoral colloquium: 19 February 2021
Submission deadline Adam Smith Best Doctoral Dissertation Award: 19 February 2021
Registration of presenter(s) deadline: 26 March, 2021
Doctoral Colloquium: 14 April 2021

More information can be found here.