Alexander Tabares

Universidad de Medellin – Medellin, Colombia                                                                                                 

Question: What are your key areas of research?

Alexander Tabares: My research areas are international entrepreneurship and international business. Specifically, it deals with entrepreneurial behavior oriented to identify and pursue international opportunities and firm performance—also research in managerial capabilities related to cognition, human capital, and social capital. Furthermore, I worked with entrepreneurial frameworks such as dynamic capabilities and effectuation to design entrepreneurial strategies to go to international markets.

My research focuses on entrepreneurial opportunity recognition process in international contexts, specifically in international new ventures (Born Global firms and SMEs) from the dynamic managerial capability approach. Also, I studied early internationalization, international strategy, university students’ entrepreneurial intention, resource-based theory, intellectual capital, and institutional perspectives in an emerging economy such as Colombia.

Question: What are you currently working on?

Alexander Tabares: I’m researching digital and sustainable entrepreneurship in international SMEs from emerging economies like Colombia.

Question: What is the most challenging issue in doing IE research?

Alexander Tabares: One of the most challenging issues in doing IE research is to continue extending the frontiers of knowledge of emerging economies and how institutional contexts could influence the entrepreneurial behavior of different actors when going internationally.

Question: How do you see the IE field in Latin America?

Alexander Tabares: This IE is increasingly growing, but this region could contribute more to the IE field.

Question: What are a few of your hobbies?

Alexander Tabares: Soccer, music, and reading

Question: Where will we see you next? (conference?)

Alexander Tabares: I may attend AIB-LAC in Sao Paulo