The University of Southern Denmark is proud to host the 4th Odense Workshop on International Entrepreneurship, May 14-15, 2020.

Registration Deadline: April 1, 2020

About the Workshop

The workshop aims to bring together researchers with similar interests to spur discussion and further development of ongoing research as well as inspire new research ideas. The sessions will be organized as genuine workshops lasting 2-3 hours, involving short presentations and ample of time for discussion. This will present a unique opportunity for participants to develop new research initiatives with the potential for advancing the field of International Entrepreneurship.

Thus far, the following sessions are planned to be included in the program:

  • Migration, diaspora and transnational entrepreneurship – connecting contexts internationally. Moderated by Maria Elo, Susanne Sandberg and Per Servais
  • Social and environmental dimensions of international entrepreneurship. Moderated by Nathalie Nørregaard Larsen
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystems. Moderated by Lasse Torkkeli and Hannes Velt
  • Born Global Firms and International New Ventures to and from Emerging Markets: Empirical evidence and theoretical development. Moderated by Yi Wang
  • INVs in the age of digitalization and new digital business models. Moderated by Pernille Juhl Mogensen and Martin Hannibal
  • Early Internationalization in a Digital Context. Moderated by Emmanuel Kusi Appiah
  • PhD development. Moderated by Gary Knight

More workshop topics will follow.

There is no conference fee.  More information can be found here.