The 3rd Odense IE workshop will take place May 17-18, 2018, at the University of Southern Denmark. It aims to bring together researchers with similar interests to spur discussions and further development of ongoing research as well as new research ideas.

Registration Deadline: April 1, 2018

The following workshop topics will be covered:

  • Mature born globals – what happens to born global firms when they grow up? Moderated by Svante Andersson
  • International New Ventures and Born Global Firms: Future research paths. Moderated by Tage Koed Madsen
  • Sustainable International Entrepreneurship. Moderated by Lasse Torkkeli
  • Diaspora and Transnational Entrepreneurship. Moderated by Maria Elo, Susanne Sandberg, & Per Servais
  • Born Global Firms and International New Ventures from Emerging Markets: Empirical evidence and theoretical development. Moderated by Yi Wang
  • The collectiveness of international entrepreneurship: on the activity of communities, societies and other multi-actor settings. Moderated by Tuija Mainela
  • New types of INVs and Born Global firms in the age of digitalization and new business models. Moderated by Erik S. Rasmussen
  • IE and industry 4.0: new opportunities and challenges. Moderated by Martin Hannibal
  • Human Resource Management, work organisation and workplace practices in international companies. Moderated by Irene Mandl
  • Paper Development Workshops for young scholars moderated by Gary Knight, Elizabeth Rose, and Romeo Turcan

In addition to the above-mentioned workshops, Hamid Etemad will contribute with a workshop on current IE topics relevant for publication in Journal of International Entrepreneurship

Conference Chairs:

Martin Hannibal, Associate Professor & Head of  Research

Erik S. Rasmussen, Associate Professor

For more information: 2018 Odense Worskop