Hosted by the Henley Business School, University of Reading, the 44th annual UK and Ireland Chapter of the AIB was held in conjunction with the 6th Reading IB Conference on April 6-8, 2017. There were numerous presentations and a number of sessions focusing on IE and SME internationalisation. Pavlos Dimitratos chaired a panel on ‘Micromultinationals – What can international business theories and concepts explain about their activities?’ which featured presentations from Ulf Andersson, Luciano Ciravegna, Jean-Francois Hennart, Olli Kuivalainen and Becky Reuber.

Pavlos Dimitratos  was elected to become a new chair of the United Kingdom and Ireland Chapter. Great to know that the strong chapter will be in ‘good hands’ of the IE-scholar!

On the photo below Igor Laine from Lappeenranta University of Technology is presenting his review paper focusing on ‘Institutions and entrepreneurial internationalisation’.