Journal of Innovation and Knowledge is inviting submissions for Special Issue on:

Open Innovation and Knowledge for Fostering Business Ecosystems

Submission deadline: September 30, 2017

Both conceptual and/or empirical papers, presenting cutting edge research on open Innovation and knowledge at micro, meso and macro level and offering empirical insights and theoretical contribution related to open innovation and knowledge driven business ecosystems are very welcome.  Possible topics may include:

  • How may business ecosystem inspire and support technology entrepreneurs and managers to innovate?
  • How may knowledge and creative skills be integrated with technology solutions to create high-value innovations?
  • How may open innovation act as an instrument to support organizational learning mechanisms are useful in business ecosystem?
  • What are the main impacts derived from cooperation and coopetition among firms?
  • Is there a relation between open innovation and the internationalization stance of businesses ecosystems?
  • How open innovation is devised and influenced by firms’ internationalization strategies and performance?
  • How may policy and public interventions favour these open relationships?
  • What are the main impacts of Science and technology parks to promote open Innovation?

Guest Editors:

João J. Ferreira (University of Beira Interior, Portugal)

Aurora Teixeira (University of Porto, Portugal)

For more information: