Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review (EBER) announces a Special Issue call for Papers:

International Entrepreneurship: New Perspectives in International Business Research

The concept of ‘international entrepreneurship’ (IE), as one can assume, was used for the first time in the doctoral dissertation of Tomas Otto Kohn in 1988 at Harvard. It is most probably that it was published for the first time in the work of J.F. Morrow in the same year. A year later, this notion appears in scientific publications by various authors, including P.P. McDougall , who together with B.M. Oviatt developed this theory in the following years. It can therefore be assumed that the current international entrepreneurship as an area of research is only 25-30 years old, although its intensive development occurred only in the first decade of the 21st century, that is, de facto, a few years ago. IE has been developing very intensively, however it must be admitted that, apart from some elements of this school, it is still quite promising field of research.

The special issue seeks papers that discuss and analyse:

  • international entrepreneurship as a new field of research,
  • international entrepreneurship vs. international business,
  • international entrepreneurship school vs. theory of internationalisation of firms
  • traditional versus rapid internationalisation of firms,
  • role of the entrepreneur in the process of internationalisation of firms,
  • internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs vs. LEs),
  • internationalisation of family businesses,
  • recognising and exploring international business opportunities,
  • entry modes and internationalisation patterns of firms,
  • international strategies of Central European small businesses (SMEs vs. LEs),
  • international competitiveness of Central European small businesses (SMEs vs. LEs),
  • internationalisation of Central European small businesses (SMEs vs. LEs),
  • int’l entrepreneurship vs. int’l management and int’l marketing.

Contributors are welcome to propose other topics that meet the objectives of this issue.

Submission deadline: March 15, 2017

Issue editor: Krzysztof Wach and Agnieszka Glodowska

Publication: September 2017

Online submission: http://www.eber.uek.krakow.pl/index.php/eber/user/register